University of Sydney
30 June - 11 July 2014

Curatorial Practice in Architecture

This design studio introduces students to a collaborative, multidisciplinary action research setting for curatorial practice in architecture. Focus this year will be on the theme of Perception at the site of the airport Tempelhof.

The design project will exercise and extend design skills and knowledge required to produce a plausible conceptual solution to an urban condition that addresses a variety of factors including culture (high culture, underground and counter culture), behaviour, participation, resilience, temporality, and identification as well as a variety of expressions of art and architecture in institutional and non-institutional spaces.

Since the closing of the airport, Tempelhof has been used to host numerous festivals, exhibitions, fairs and events in fashion, architecture, art, music, design, film, performance and sport. The students will examine and map the different kinds of engagements within the urban setting at the Tempelhof airfield, and for their own projects aim to promote alternative and new platforms for artistic and architectural commentary into the spaces we inhabit and ultimately construct.

Studio coordinator: Dr. Claudia Perren


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